Ninna Faye (fauxparadiso) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Ninna Faye

Swizz Cheats And A$AP Rocky Tied To Gentrification Complaints In The Bronx

- Developers are apparently trying to rebrand sections of the Bronx as the "Piano District" in efforts to gentrify the area. They've previously held art party called the "Macabre Suite" which allowed A-Listers and the rich to pretend like they're slumming it with burning trash cans as promotion and exhibits featuring burned out cars.

- Swizz Beats who attended the Macabre Suite event is a head promoter for a new event called the "No Commission Art Fair" which is supposed to bringing art and music back to the Bronx.

-However critics note that this event only features one out of 36 artists that actually has direct ties to the Bronx, and is insulting to a neighborhood that has already been a breeding ground for hip-hop and urban art. No Latino artists were included either.  Critics have no problem with wanting to revitalize the area but feel that the current community is being shut out from involvement and are simply being used as an investment for outside corporations.

Tags: music / musician (rap and hip-hop), politics, race / racism, you in danger
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