Sources: The #MakeMe video was scrapped because it was pointless vs too sexy

- Sources have come forward to dispute the real reason why Britney Spears' #MakeMe video was cannned

- One side claiming Spears' team thought it was too sexy (Director David LaChapelle) vs the other side claiming that it didn't make sense (Team Britney).

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Guess this will have to do for now:

paraphrased by OP:

1. Everytime

Another edited LaChappelle video. It was rumored Britney was originally supposed to overdose on pills in the scrapped version. However word got out, the premise received backlash and it was instead replaced with a far more ambiguous ending.

2. Perfume

Joseph Kahn still cries about this to this day so you know it had to be good. According to fan folklore it's rumored she was supposed to be some kind of assassin that sacrificed herself for her lover.

3. Outrageous

Spears filmed this in 2004 and unfortunately injured herself on set and filming was never completed on the song featuring Snoop. Only bits and parts of her scenes and photos from the set have been released depriving fans of what was surely another great video in Britney's discography.