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ONTD Original: Media and fans reactions to Normani calling her bandmate "very quirky and cute"

(TRIGGER WARNING: Death wish, disturbing imagery & comments)

What caused the media to misread Normani's comments and fans to unleash this barrage of abominable, vile and deplorable behaviour to her? Was it really just because she called Camila cute and quirky?

was Normani the victim of a misguided attempts to paint her as a bully because of something you and the media thought or wanted to hear?

In a recent interview with Galore Magazine, when asked to describe her fellow bandamtes, Normani described Camila as "very quirky and cute" (Lauren, Dinah and Ally also described Camila as "cute" and "quirky" in the past. Camila calls herself that). She wore fairy wings, tweets like a relatable account and since the beginning, her whole shtick was "being the baby of the group". Quirky and cute it is. Normani gave an answer she felt, an honest answer. She was incredibly respectful to Camila, unlike Camila's fans are to her. Or Camila is to Fifth Harmony as a brand, as a group.
Somehow this time, the media twisted and managed to make Normani look like the "angry black girl" using images like this one:

a photo of Normani looking like she's ready to fight vs a photo of Camila smiling. You don't see narrative they're going for? And all of this because she called her quirky and cute.

Camila rarely hangs around the other girls, then there isn't much for them to say about her. She has decided to not be involved with the girls anymore, she's the one acting like she is so miserable because she knows her fans and the general public are buying it. She clearly is doing that to get attention and so her guillible fans (camilizers and the mamba gang) victimize her and protect her no matter what. The girls are nice to her. They include her in their social media accounts. They make the effort to reach for her for more interactions in concerts. She shares a different tour bus with Dinah, but still decides to travel with her solo manager instead. In the album booklet of 7/27 (Fifth Harmony's album), Normani, Lauren, Dinah and Ally thanked all the group members. When it comes to Camila, not only did she not mention the other girls (at all), but she took the time to thank her manager. Not the group manager, her solo manager.

Hollywire also came out to defend Camila when some fans were calling her out for her shady solo deals, for calling her bandmates n**gers and still using the n-word a few months ago in a video.

A lot of media were quick to call Normani compliments "shady". The same media who were quick to jump to Camila's defense because Normani called her cute and quirky are now mute when Normani is getting racially harassed.

Normani adressed the situation in a letter she posted on Twitter stating that "she has love and respect for all four of her bandmates". Somehow, some people (including ontd members) saw the letter as a way for Normani to get some attention (Because I guess a black women trying to adress a situation that's been blown out of proportion cannot be honnest? If she calls the media out, she's looking for attention. If she's not, it must be true or she's a coward. Simply put, she cannot win).

"if Lauren called C quirky and cute y'all would be having orgasms over camren being real"
- X

Camila posted very vague tweets that could be about the situation Normani has to endure because of her fans, or something else. She don't mention Normani's name and the whole thing is very self-centered ("You don't have to hate on somebody to support me"...)

turns out, someone replied to her tweets with this:

and she liked the tweet. It's a pretty good indication that her response wasn't specifically about Normani being harassed by her own fans. Not like she would care, she still follows some of them. She's only tweeting about the situation because it's getting more and more public. Because it can affect her and her image. Taylor taught her.

- She's been blocking any person on twitter who said anything slightly negative about her solo music, but still follows fans who racially harassed, slut-shamed, insulted, etc. Normani, Ally, Lauren and Dinah.
- She's constantly inviting her mamba gang to attack Normani, Lauren, Ally and Dinah by acting like a victim and faving shady tweets.
- She, in the past, called her bandmates and Normani herself n**gers, so it's not surprising that her fans are using racial slurs to attack her.
- She had the audacity to tweet #BlackLivesMatter when she, a non black woman, has been caught using the n-word in mutliple occasions even after an "heartfelt" apology the first time she got caught.
- She's been giving free M&Gs passes to the same people who harass her bandmates online for reasons she and her mom have told them.

As a result, Normani wrote a letter to her fans explaining why she's taking a break from twitter.

let's be clear here: the assholes attacking her are not 5H fans. 90% of them are Camila's and Camren's fans. Normani leaving twitter because of the extreme racism disgust me. nobody took the initial attacks she's been enduring for years seriously because they were "trolls", belittling all the comments. she's been the victim of microagresions since the formation of the group, since she's 16. because people stayed silent and kept minimizing the problem, it only got worse. ignoring it allowed it to fester.
and I see some of you so quick to post anything negative about 5H (even completely innacurate stories) for a few extra comments and because hating on the girls is the new trend here. miss me we that shit and even
don't bother commenting you two faces bitches.

sources (most of the tweets are now deleted): me, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
Tags: black celebrities, fifth harmony, ontd original, race / racism

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