Lindsay Lohan speaks out as dramatic pictures show fight with ex-fiance

Lindsay Lohan: "I realize now you can't stay in a relationship just for love. No woman can be hit and stay with that person if that person isn't prepared to say sorry." She hasn't taken her engagement ring off, saying that; "The truth is, I wanted to make things work, but now I'm not sure that I can. I need closure. I genuinely fell in love with him but he broke my trust and made me feel unsafe." "It's not the first time. That's the problem. I know I'm not an angel but I've tried to fix things. It's down to him now. I also don't want to let my fans down by not being the strong woman I have become." "We've been together nine months, three weeks and two days, and we've lived together since the second night I met him. All I wanted was to get married and settle down. I've always wanted four kids and Egor and I talked about having a family." On her father's behavior: "Who does that? Some of the stuff he's done proves to me he doesn't care about me." On moving forward: "My plan is to go there to Hollywood to work and then come home to London. I'm a really good actress, I know that. I've made mistakes, the important thing is I've learned from them."

Source (graphic pictures + details at source, a follow up to this post)