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The Challenge: Rivals III 28x14 Finals

Season 28 Episode 14

Race down a road to get to next checkpoint, must rappel down a cliff to reach checkpoint.
Checkpoint #2: Wine and Mine
Memory match game. Match every image with its twin.

Checkpoint #3: Mine The Gaps
Go into mine to retrieve items that are needed for the next checkpoint.
At checkpoint you must slide the items into puzzle board creating mining company logo.

Checkpoint #4: Sleep Or Stump
A member of your team must stand on your stump at all times. The person who logs the most stump time will win the checkpoint and earn 2 points. The other person will be resting in comfort inside the warm tent.

Checkpoint #5: Early Gets The Worm
Eating, have 1 hour to complete. green plate 5 points, yellow plate 10 points, red plate 11 points. Penalty time for uneaten plates.

Climb La Cadenita mountain.

Team rank
1st: Johnny and Sarah

2nd: Jenna and Vince

3rd: Cheyenne and Devin

Individual with the most points to decide if they take the money or share
Johnny - decided to take all the money. 275,000
Vince - decided to split the money. 25,000 each
Devin - decided to split the money. 12,500 each

mytv, mtv
Tags: reality show - mtv, the challenge (mtv)

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