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ONTD Original: Japanese Olympics Theme Songs

Whether you're a fan of swimming, gymnastics, or diving, the Olympics brings excitement to everybody. For those that can't watch the Olympic Games in person, the broadcast station is given the task of hyping the games for the audience. What better way to accomplish this task than a feel-good empowering theme song? Although many of us are familiar with Katy Perry's Rise, America isn't the only one broadcasting the Olympic Games nor are they the only one producing theme songs for the event. Here are some Olympics theme songs from Japan.

Namie Amuro - Hero (NHK 2016 Olympics)

[More songs under the cut]EXILE - Joy-ride ~ Kanki no Drive ~ (FujiTV 2016 Olympics)

Arashi - Power of the Paradise (NTV 2016 Olympics)

Ikimonogakari - Kaze ga Fuiteiru (NHK 2012 Olympics)

Superfly & Tortise Matsumoto - STARS (FujiTV 2012 Olympics)

Otsuka Ai - LUCKY☆STAR (FujiTV 2010 Winter Olympics)

Mr.Children - GIFT (NHK 2008 Olympics)

SMAP - Kono Toki, Kitto Yume ja Nai (TBS 2008 Olympics)

Ayumi Hamasaki - Born To Be... (NTV 2006 Winter Olympics)

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*Added after originally posted
What are your favorite international Olymipcs theme songs?
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