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Human Fart Noise Shane Dawson Makes Joke About Blue Ivy, Twitter Goes In

In his latest "Trying Girl Products" video (whatever that means...), YouTuber Shane Dawson goes to Claire's and buys a sheet mask made for children, and says it looks like it's for an adult face, and calls Blue Ivy a "he" and says she looks like a bank teller (skip to around 3:25)

I've seen some babies that have some adult-ass faces. Beyonce's kid? He looks like he's 48 and works at a bank. Like no thank you, Ivy, I'm good, I don't need a savings account

Twitter/Beyhive did not take it well, trending #ShaneDawsonIsOverParty and Shane tried to backtrack (and then deleted everything)

(read from bottom up)

but he left this up, hmmm:

for those of you unfamiliar with shane's body of work, it has charming stuff like this:

Let's not forget the time he made an awful movie that was so bad, zachary quinto removed his name from the project

the good sis chescaleigh warned us!

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Tags: don't come to brazil, internet celebrities, nobody, race / racism

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