'Sense8' is the most rewatched Netflix original + Christmas special is a movie + spoilers!

Sense8's production company confirmed Ep 1 is the Xmas special and it'll be movie lenght. The rest of season 2 airs in 2017. Also confirmed they're duplicating the amount of cities than season 1.

J. Michael Straczynski had a panel at comic-con and revealed a few things.

- He confirms they're filming in more cities because the Sense8 will be meeting more Sensates and some of them might be evil.
- There's a lot more action than in Season 1.
- They're gonna dig a lot deeper into the company searching for Sensates.
- Kala/Wolfgang storyline evolves a lot from S1.
- He confirms Sun gets out of jail 'but not in the way you'd expect'.
- They're working more like a group and having more scenes together.
- Netflix revealed that most Netflix shows are re-watched once at most. Sense8's rewatchability index is off the charts. People rewatch Sense8 up to 7 times in average (end to end).
- Season2 is more 'hopeful' about LGTB people, privacy and relationships
- Riley's gonna be the one leading the agenda to meet more sensates and she uses her DJ concerts to do so.
- Christmas movie airs on Christmas Day and the rest of the season shortly after in 2017.


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