ONTD Original: Pop Girls With The Worst Discographies

*saying one has a overall bad discography doesn't mean they don't have hits/servicable bops, it means in comparison to their status as a superstar their hits are lacking, in comparison to the star's fame one should expect many international hits**, signature songs*** & a slew of recent top 10 hits

**international songs, meaning songs that went top 5 in more than 5 major markets worldwide

***a signature song is a song instantly identifiable with the singer, one that not only was an international hit but helped establish the singer worldwide, also a song that the press tacks onto news stories about the singer such as "Material Mom, Madonna", "Oops She's (Britney) Done It Again & so forth ..


Beyonce is undoubtedly the best live performer of our generation, she is heralded as an international hallmark of beauty but her discography is clunky and serviceable at best. In comparison to the cultural zeitgeist that she is, the amount of international hits she has is severely lacking. A star of her caliber should be churning out #1's effortlessly. Her "signature" song is divisive at best, some saying it's "Crazy in Love" some saying it's "Single Ladies". Her recent albums were critically lauded but like Stevie Nicks last few albums were critically lauded too but no bops.

Signature Song: Potentially "Crazy in Love" or "Single Ladies" but N/A
What Her Signature Song Should Be:
"End of Time"

  • previous to "Drunk in Love" the last Top 10 hit she had in the US was in 2009

  • should've released "end of time" as the lead single off 4

  • self-titled wouldve had a bigger impact had she had hits on that album

  • lemonade was a great tyler perry-esque short film

  • great live performer, hallmark of beauty

best of ha discography

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez might've invented the "singles artists" prototype in an era when people were actually buying albums. Jennifer's singles were outstanding, stellar, amazing but her albums are completely filler, r&b/pop mush, ofcourse there are standouts but for her status as Puerto Rico's Golden Girl and a quasi-talented artist worthy of a slot in Las Vegas. It's no wonder why her setlist for Vegas is mostly singles.

Signature Song: "I'm Real" (Murder Inc Remix), "On The Floor"
What Her Signature Song Should Be: "Let's Get Loud"

  • featuring pitbull

  • should've pushed "first love"

  • "first love" IS a bop

  • oh but that video when she had yellow lipstick is probably ..

  • last top 10 was the SMASH "on the floor"

  • great live performer

  • should've called her las vegas show something else

  • wtf is "Jennifer Lopez "All I Have""

  • girl

best of ha discography

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys started off amazing, she was the music industries young ingenue, she was the street-smart piano prodigy with a voice of gold and then .... she took them braids out, after that idk what the fuck happened. Alicia lives in a world where gooey girl-power anthems still rule and steel-drums and tinkling pianos make for an entire album. And also she stole somebodys man. For her reputation as our Stevie Wonder, her discography is astonishingly front-loaded

Signature Song: "Fallin", "No One"
What Her Signature Song Should Be: N/A

  • makes the same song over & over

  • is the black st!nk

  • can sing when she's in her range

  • rarely in her range

  • last top ten hit was in 2007

  • "in common" is a SMASH

  • but in the video for it she's subjected herself to being the "cher in "believe"" of the video

  • and watching the young do their thing

  • instead of actively participating, bit you're not even 40 yet

  • can still comeback and smash

  • established artist and grade a name recognition despite clunky discography

best of ha discography


Adele has made her millions appealing to the lowest common denominator, don't be offended it's fine, its more common than not. But her albums have been more or less the same formula, break up hallmark cards in song form, her discography is schlocky at best, there's nary any variation from the tried and true, although she has some highlights on her album, for her reputation as the Voice of Our Generation, there's a stark and glaring depth of quality in her discography

Signature Song: "Someone Like You"
What Her Signature Song Should Be: N/A

  • makes same song over & over

  • is the white st!nk (st!nk is the off-white st!nk)

  • only had ONE smash off this last album

  • unacceptable

best of ha discography

Shakira (US)

In spanish, like many spanish-speaking artists, she's stellar, consistently, but in English, Shakira's discography is completely front-loaded, she has some singles highlights, usually the first singles but her albums have consistently been filler, and for her status as a worldwide icon of Latina beauty and charisma her discography is lacking! big time! and even when she starred in Zootopia as their resident popstar Gazelle, she didnt deliver a hit! Just imagine if discography queen Rihanna had been Gazelle and what kinda hit she wouldve served us!

Signature Song: "N/A"
What Her Signature Song Should Be: N/A

  • her first english album is a bop

  • her last top 10 in the US was in 2007

  • tried to pander and pretend she liked click with "cant remember to forget you"

  • "she wolf" deserved better

  • released "give it to me" with that McCafe music video

best of ha discography

Katy Perry

This might be a bit controversial because you'll be blinded by the half of OOTB & the pop greatness that is Teenage Dream but the rest of Katy Perry's discography is severly lacking! There is nary a song on Prism that will stand the test of time, even thought TD was amazing to us who witnessed it, there are songs on there that arent good and this will not stand the test of time. For her status as the Jenny McCarthy of pop there is a quality and content problem that is glaring in her discography

Signature Song: "Firework", "California Gurls"
What Her Signature Song Should Be: N/A

  • ET will not stand the test of time but its her best song off TD

  • boring videos

  • Prism is a bop but will not be sustainable

  • last top 10 was in 2013!

  • unacceptable tbh

  • court jester of pop

  • #buyemotiononitunes

the best of ha discography

does your fave have a full discography that garners critical and commercial acclaim?

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