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Paul Feig Will Produce True Story 'Supermodel Snowpocalypse'

Paul Feig has signed on to produce the true story involving supermodels stranded in a Chilean snowstorm (I am not even joking). The film will be adapted from the Elle article written by Mickey Rapkin and it's available here if you want to read up on this story of pretty people in bad circumstances.

The Elle article with the amazing sub-headline of "This Drug-Fueled, Multimillion-Dollar Supermodel Snowpocalypse Has Been Fashion's Best-Kept Secret Since '77" goes deep into the tragic snowstorm that hit a group of supermodels and how they endured to survive the ordeal. The article is a mess in the best possible way and I highly recommend reading it for a laugh.

The story stars two sisters, one of the sisters photographer boyfriend, ad execs, a group of models including Jerry Hall and Maria Hanson and a Chilean snowstorm in the summer of 77 on a fur catalog shoot.

A snowstorm hits after our heroes arrive at a fancy mountain ski resort. Our group turns the tables on the storm and turns the resort into their own Studio 54 dance party with the other Brazilian and Argentinian patrons. To defy the odds, the models strutted down the disco's makeshift runway, casually tossing their furs aside, while the security detail picked them up.

A huge part of the story involves the group on a hunt for cocaine (spoiler alert: they find some).

They were literally still doing cocaine when the helicopter arrived to save them and they left the helicopter with bloody noses.

No one dies but at one point, the models were worried they would have to pull an Alive and eat each other.

What celeb would you like to be stranded in a Chilean snowstorm with?

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