Taylor Swift won the Kimye feud, according to most Americans

America's sweetheart Taylor Swift is still everyone's favorite!

Morning Consult, a media and technology company that often conducts political polls, was sent to research what Americans thought about the Taylor vs Kimye fight.

  • 75% of the people polled had heard of the whole feud

  • people sided with Taylor Swift way more than they did with the Kardashian-Wests

  • 55% of people felt favorably about Taylor, while Kim and Kanye had a low 15% result

And who won the fight in the eyes of the public?

  • over 34% of people sided with Taylor Swift in the feud

  • only 8% sided with Kim and Kanye in the feud

As it turns out, Twitter and other social media buzz doesn't reflect the opinion of real life people.

The people still like Taylor Swift much more than they like Kimye. America's sweetheart will live to see another day!