losodioatodos (losodioatodos) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Dr. Dre Was Handcuffed And Searched By Police Outside His Home After a Man Lied he Pulled a Gun

Some asshole parked in front of Dr. Dre's home. He asked the guy to move away but the man started to curse out Dre. Dre grabbed his phone to record the incident, and the dude responded: “here we go again another black guy with a gun.” and then called the sheriff saying Dre pulled a gun on him. The sheriff showed up with 4 or 5 cops, handcuffed Dre and searched for weapons, of which there were none, police let Dre go without incident.

Some people are saying TMZ send the guy to Dre's home to force him to go out his house because he said in the past that he suffers from social anxiety and he likes to be out of the limelight but still...

Tags: black celebrities, music / musician, music / musician (producers), race / racism, you in danger

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