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9 “True” Horror Movies Vs The Real Stories They’re Based On


1. The Conjuring vs Bathsheba the witch and the Perron family

movie: This movie is about the Perrons family who movies into a new house that once belonged to a woman namned Bathsheba who was accused of being a witch. The house ends up being hunted and the family get's help from the Warrens who are paranormal investigators. The mother of the family end up being possessed by Bathsheba and the Warrens performs an exorcise on the Mother and it ends up saving her and the family. The house is no longer haunted by the witch spirit..

Real Life: The mother (Carolyn Perron) never tried to kill her children, and according to one of the Perron daughters the movie basically shows the horror the faced while living in the house.''


4. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre vs the murderer Ed Gein

Movie: A group of friends ends up being chased by a man with a chainsaw that wears other peoples skin as a mask, his namn is Leatherface. In the movie Leatherface is never caught.

Real Life: This movie is based on Ed Gein who did in fact wear his victims skin and faces, he also used a gun to murder his victim and not a chainsaw. Ed also only have two known victim but used to dig up graves of women he thought reminded him of his mama. Ed Gein was caught and sent to a psychiatric facility were he later died.


7. Wolf Creek vs backpacker murderer Ivan Milat

Movie: A man namned Ben and two women named Liz and Kristy are stranded at Wolf Creek Crater when their car breaks down. A local man named Mick offers them help but instead of helping them he kills them except Ben who managed to escape. Mick was never caught and their bodys was never found.

Real Life: Ivan Milat (Mick) was actually caught (yeah) and the real life murder didn't take place in Wolf Creek but Belanglo State Forest in New South Wales.


9. The Amityville Horror (2005) vs the Lutz family

Movie: The Lutz family moves into a new house after a murder took place (the murder was done by Ronald DeFeo who shot his family with a rifle) The family starts to experiencing paranormal events and George (the father) gets possessed and find this torture chamber in his basement were thata man named Reverend Ketcham, tortured and killed Native Americans. The dad becomes possessed and ends up trying to kill is own family but the mom get's that it's the house who make the dad crazy so she knocks him down put him and the children in their boat and drive away..

Real Life: Okay so nothing in this movie except the DeFeo murder and the priest going to their house to bless it is true. Everything else is 100% fiction.

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