Katy Perry, CupcakKe, & Meghan Trainor are loving #MakeMe + Britney's video too hot for release?

Despite the stan war made up between both pop star's fanbases as a result of their singles being released simultaneously, the Ur So Gay singer is still a fan of the Princess of Pop!

Katy Perry was asked by a fan if she had purchased Spears' single #MakeMe and she liked the tweet letting all of the pop twitter stans know that she had and that everything was a-ok.

The rapper showed some love for the pop icon's new single:

Then she shut down a bitter Legend X fan that wasn't a fan of the song:

Make Me feat. CupcakKe ?

Las Vegas was amazing! Thank you all for coming out!🎉 Loving this new @britneyspears jam💯🍾💘💃 #untouchabletour

watch Meghan promote her tour share footage of herself jamming to #MakeMe as the soundtrack.

- serious news outlet Inquistr.com wonders if there has been a delay in the video release because it might be too sexy for television.

- Leaked scenes and shots from set hint at a very sexy and perhaps controversial final product

- They bring up past instances of Spears' team censoring and re-editing her past videos like Perfume (that director Joseph Kahn stil isn't over) and Work Bitch.

- this is based on 100% speculation by fans because they want the video asap. she never releases videos immediately after a single release.

#MakeMe is now available for purchase and streaming