M-Train™ Talks About Her Transition into Rapping

- The Nantucket born raptress recently talked to Notion Magazine about transitioning away from the signature doo-wop sound of her one-hit wonder single, 'All About That Bass'.

- She told Notion, “I kept writing doo-wop thinking that was right and the label turned around and said, ‘You’re doing what everyone expects you to do. Why don’t you be the songwriter you say you are and shake it up?'”

- She and her record label's idea of 'shaking it up' was a completely new sound for her: hip-hop!

- “We tried to put more urban into it — and I tried to rap more. I mean I did NOT expect to rap!” Trainor explained.

- “I was writing songs and one day I thought, ‘You know what? I’m just gonna rap on this one’ as a joke, so I tried it and was like, ‘Hang on… I can rap! I’m good at this! I have rhythm!'”