NBA will move the All-Star Game out of Charlotte over North Carolina's anti-LGBT law

Welp, the NBA warned the Republicans running North Carolina: change or rescind the transphobic, bigoted, anti-LGBT HB2 law (aka the bathroom bill), or we're going to move the All-Star Game out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Governor Pat "Deflated Douchebag" McCrory refused to budge, so now the NBA is carrying through its threat. The likely new host city for the All-Star Game will be New Orleans (a city that has laws against anti-LGBT discrimination, in one of the rare southern states that have hate crime laws that include sexual orientation, but not gender idetity). The move is expected to cost Charlotte and North Carolina hundreds of millions of dollars.

Michael Jordan, owner of the Charlotte Hornets, who has worked so hard with his old pal Pat McCrory to get the All-Star Game to his state, is going to have another reason to be sad.

On the other hand, a hearty shoutout to the NBA for taking this stand. Hopefully it will help get Roy Cooper, the pro-LGBT Dem attourney general challenging McCrory in this year's gubernatorial race, elected! And it will also help discourage other states from passing similar bigoted laws.