Britney Spears: (You Can't) #MakeMe Promote + But Paris Hilton will + Selena Gomez

Whilst fans are melting down and spamming Britney's instagram over lack of promotion she is enjoying her summer with her lovely kids. *Take that, take that - diddy_shimmy.gif*

The comments

On every single instagram post she makes x 100:

Perhaps next time fans wont leak her video forcing her team to rush release the song and have to scramble to reschedule their plans. It's rumored #MakeMe wasn't going to be released until August.

Good News

on pop radio which means its getting a good reception so far from radio listeners

on snapchat

yass Paris

"Well babe, technically I have done a duet with @BritneySpears..."

They both were featured on the Orlando charity single "Hands" that was released last month.

#MakeMe is now available for purchase and streaming