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Why Suicide Squad's "Boomerang" May Be Jai Courtney's Breakout Role

-Predicts Captain Boomerang will be a big hit with the fans
-Was director David Ayer's first choice
-From producers Richard Suckle (what an unfortunate last name) and Andy Horowitz:
Richard Suckle: A great actor and a great guy. One of the fun things about this character is that I’ve not seen every film Jai has made but I’ve probably seen most of them and I don’t think he’s ever been able to play a role that allows him to really be funny and he’s incredibly funny.

Andy: It’s funny because I think it’s the first time he’s gotten to use his real accent in a movie. And we always say this, that Jai is playing Jai in the movie. He really is. His character is very similar to how he is in real life. He’s a whole lot of fun in real life and he’s a jokester and he’s constantly stirring things up.


Credit to thefiery

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