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ONTD Original: 14 Legendary ONTD Posts #ONTDception

There are ONTD and there are ONTD Legendary Posts, those that stand the test of time and become iconic years later. *click the titles to go to the post*

14. 'Brandy' remembers Aaliyah.

OP fucked up because can’t tell Brandy and Gabrielle Union apart.

13. Heidi Montag is DEVASTATED about the bad reviews.

Not staged. I repeat. This is not a staged photoshoot for Heidi Montag.

12. Anna Allen fakes her way to the Oscars

Some spanish actress stole Sophia Bush’s identity and told all her followers that she was on The Big Bang Theory, Boardwalk Empire and had been invited to the Oscars, when it was all some BAD photoshop.

11. #BreakingHymen11

The pics for the most romantic sex scene of the century were released. Eat shit and die, 50 Shades. You can almost hear nuttymadame cuming.

10. Source: my friend who has a bike

Classic ONTD. Lindsay Lohan was lying about being hit by a bike and OP source is completely valid since they own a bike.

9. Eli Roth and ONTD broke up.

Too long to explain. Eli Roth teased some ONTDers. Sexy texts/pics were sent. Had cybersex with ONTD, tweeted evidence. Blueberries rejoice.

8. MmmCock (NSFW)

One prime example of ONTD’s detective work at one pic of the Hanson kids sucking cock. (RIP ONTD with nudes)

7. You Probably got your shoes from Ross.

Some nobody from Home Improvement tried to fuck OP’s sister, she troll’d, he has the best drunk comeback ever.

6. I met Alex Pettyfer….or did i?

ONTDer meets random dude, she’s convinced he’s Alex Pettyfer, he’s not, she insists, he takes a pic just to shut her up.

5. Kermit Bale

OP has A LOT of time in her hands and google searches every image of Señor Bale there is and matches it with a Kermit Picture.

4. ONTD’s Silent Treatment

J.Lo and Marc Anthony will keep doing their reality show even tho they were separating. ONTD disapproves and gives them the silent treatment.

3. RIP Jason Statham

Jason Statham jumped off a ship. Died.

2. Hi Rebeca, Did you forget i Had a Livejournal?!!

Random post goes OT. Girl complaints about her soon-to-be-roommate, soon-to-be-roommate has an LJ account. fight begins, and it’s hilarious. They even revealed that they were hanging out with girl for her money and threaten to steal all her money because they know her PIN number. It’s messy as fuck.

1. Brenda Song & Trace Cyrus expecting their first centaur.

Brenda Song announced her pregnancy to Sarah Jessica Parker’s brother, Trace Cyrus. ONTD let’s their fears for the child’s future be known! In the end, they broke up because she faked the pregnancy and a miscarriage.

*Not including post compilations like: Sperminated07, HostageBrituation, TheFappening, ParisCarriage, Why are U Punishing Me?, TigerBlood, Rebeca Black, TheOffenders2k15, etc.

ONTD, any legendary post i missed?

Source: Me, ONTD tags, my friend who has a bike and 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14
Tags: epic / memorable post, nostalgia, ontd original

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