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Michelle Lovretta talks 'Killjoys' season two + behind the scenes video and more

Showrunner Michelle Lovretta also recently sat down with The TV Junkies to talk about last week's episode of Killjoys, "Wild, Wild Westerley". One of the topics that came up was the continued character evolution of Pawter in season two.

"She's more badass but we always do it within the constraints of that character," Lovretta said. "I didn't want to turn everyone into secret assassins. She does it through courage and I think she's a girl with some anger issues, which I sort of love about her. She's someone who acts first and thinks later and is a bit chaotic. I think we all know some people like that in real life and if they happen to also be intelligent and charming they can get away with it."

She also spoke of both the spirit, fight and fun of Old Town and how they're continuing to deliver that this season, especially with Pree. She went on to say that she particularly loved the scene last episode where Pree stabs Gared's hand at the bar.

"For me, although it's slightly psycopathic, I enjoy the idea that that's possibly the beginning of a "meet cute" between those two," she said. "We certainly don't go there this season, but I'd be open to it next year... It’s just so weird thinking ‘what would the courtship of a warlord be?’"

The gorgeous Mumford and sons with miss @kellycraig5 #hydepark #londonliving X

Thank you to Nana Jaquie @wildwood_collective for capturing another great shot of Esmé and I. 5 weeks old and such a cutie.

So this is what I'm doing today. TV loves me in drag.....and blonde. #kimscomcenience #cbc #instadaily #toronto #drag #dragqueen #instastar #instafamous #fashion #torontofashion #instalike

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I get why Pree is staying but I still hope he tags along and more missions. I can't wait to find out more about his past. New episode starts in ten on both SyFy and Space. If you aren't watching yet what are you waiting for?!
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