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A history of male journalists fetishizing their famous female subjects

Male journalists acting unprofessional by describing underage and barely legal girls, women and even pregnant women in the creepiest ways possible. (I'm not kidding, you gotta read the article)
Basically a history of wtf? and who is employing you? messiness that just keeps getting worse.

Rich Cohen(Rolling Stones) on "kittenish" 18yo Alicia Silverstone and her "inappropriate" mouth. Today he's still employed and writes about Margot Robbie being "sexy and composed even while naked"
Neil Strauss(Rolling Stones) writes about the "intimacy" of getting into bed with Jewel.
Steven Daly(Rolling Stone)) sets the creepy scene with "honeyed thigh" Britney Spears when she was a minor.
Stephen Marche(Esquire) creeps on Megan Fox while describing human sexuality as something created for straight men only.
Anthony Lane(the New Yorker) creeps on a pregnant Scarlett Johansson in his article.
Rob Haskell(Vogue) who has spared us his face, say all women are troubled to Cara Delevingne, and when she doesn't reply, assumes she agrees.
Ben Rothenberg(The New York Times) critiques Serena Williams' appearance and claims Sharapova is more successful because she makes more money.
Art Tavana(LA Weekly) the creepiest of all, writes about Sky Ferreira being the "dirtier Madonna" with "killer tits" and looking like a "freshly licked lollipop".

when attractive men are messy it's one thing, but when they're unattractive...
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Tags: alicia silverstone, britney spears, cara delevingne, margot robbie, megan fox, scarlett johansson, serena / venus williams, sexism, sky ferreira
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