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Alia Shawkat Gives Blind Item About The Weirdest Sex Ever


In the new Viceland series Party Legends, Alia Shawkat gave an interview where she describes one of the weirdest Hollywood hookups ever, with a celebrity she calls a "fucking weirdo."

She was at a party at a famous actor's house and they decided to hook up. He told her to take a shower so he could go down on her, then had her sit naked in front of a mirror while he shaved her crotch. While they were doin' the nasty, he freaked out four times and kept saying he shouldn't be doing this. She took a cab home at 5 a.m. and has ignored him ever since.

Blind item plus clues after the cut...Collapse )

Some clues:

--He was throwing a birthday party for a friend

--His friends are tough-looking dudes and he was wearing a baseball cap to look nondescript.

--He sounds significantly older than she is (she was 20 at the time.)

--"Smokey eyes, mysterious, intense"

--Unique moda operandi: He pinned her against the wall, cleared out the party, told her to shower, told her to undress, and shaved her pubic hair

--Acted almost "bipolar," stopping and starting sex again

--Smokes weed


WHO IS IT??? My guess is Benicio del Toro because of these.
Tags: actor / actress, arrested development (fox / netflix), blind item

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