Reviews for Ghostbusters are in

Paul Feig’s all-female reboot provides enough thrills and winning performances to silence its critics, but may still have a tough time converting die-hard fans of the 1984 original.

Hemsworth might be the beefcake on paper but it’s McKinnon who’ll leave moviegoers crushing.

Grade: A-
The real heart of the movie is the broken relatioship between friends Abby (McCarthy) and Erin (Wiig)
McKinnon is a scene stealer, whether she’s the main focus or not

Grade: B-
This new version of Ghostbusters will rarely make one bowl over with laughter, but, like the first film, it has a consistent amount of lighthearted, amiable fun.

Grade: C+
Praises the first-rate chemistry of Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones, but says t can’t make old ideas feel new.

Suffers from strong case of déjà vu
It’s both funnier and scarier than the 1984 film, but doesn’t do nearly enough to innovate on what has come before
Says Jones has some of the most memorable lines, but that her character channels a shameful racial stereotype sometimes

The movie glows with vitality, thanks largely to the performers

First half of the movie is an absolute blast

Kristen Wiig is the straightest of the group, although her straightness is in service of a simmering comedic desperation and aggravation that allows her to explode into great comedy. Opposite her is Melissa McCarthy, not playing her usual slob character but rather an endearingly aggressive true believer. Leslie Jones is a burst of pure electricity in every one of her scenes, even when she’s just reading a magazine. And Chris Hemsworth is a wonder, truly allowing himself to get completely absurd as Kevin.

But the MVP, the real breakout player, is Kate McKinnon. Her Holtzmann is just THE BEST, and she’s operating on a totally different level than everyone else in the movie.

Girls Rule and Women Are Funny
Praises all of the performances

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let's just agree that Kate McKinnon steals the show

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