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Inside look and outtake from last week's Killjoys + viewing post and more!

Recently Killjoys star Hannah John-Kamen sat down with Nice Girls TV to talk about the new season of the SyFy / Space series.

In the interview Hannah spoke of season two being different from the first season in many aspects including how Dutch has more interactions outside of those with Johnny and D'avin this season. She also spoke about how the characters are evolving and a rift is going to form between Dutch and Johnny this year. While the OP's heart breaks for this Hannah did reiterate that there is no love triangle with Dutch, Johnny and D'av and that the conflict really stems from Dutch being torn in wanting to protect Johnny and wanting him to be able to do his own thing.

As hinted at in the premiere, Khylen is not going to be the primary villain this year and apparently we are going to see more of his background as the season goes on.

“For the audience it is going to be a bit harder to see Khleyn as the bad guy," Hannah explained.

She also goes on to speak about how much she loves Dutch as a character and playing her takes both emotional and physical strength.

Also in case anyone missed it Hannah John-Kamen has been cast in Steven Spielberg's adaptation of the book Ready Player One. Details on her character have not yet been released but the part is being described as a "key role". Ready Player One is currently scheduled to release on March 30, 2018.

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The new episode starts in about ten minutes!
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