Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's Stevie J Accused Of Molesting His Own Daughter by Joseline & Former Nanny

  • Joseline Hernandez took to social media on Wednesday and made accusatory posts stating that "Stevie's father was a pedophile and so is he" and that "Stevie fantasized about having sex with his own daughter". She deleted those posts and then took to Instagram.

  • THEN, a former nanny of Mimi's, Lena James, took to her Instagram and stated that she is only speaking up because of Joseline. Lena said Stevie's 4 year old daughter with Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Co-Star Mimi Faust came to her and told her her dad touched her innappropriately. Lena states that Eva came to her and was complaning about redness and painful urinating after spending a weekend with Stevie.

  • Lena and Joseline both claim Mimi knew Stevie was molesting Eva and did nothing about it.

  • Mimi and Stevie took to their Instagram's and both denied the claims.

  • Interestingly enough, a niece of Mimi's went to popular blog The Shade Room and backed up Joseline and Lena's claims but the post was since removed.


There are no words....