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New Sense8 - Season 2 Pics + some "spoilers".

Lito and Hernando being precious.

Wolfgang meditating shirtless. YUM.

Lito looking rather dirty. I'm guessing it's for his new movie role.

Kala in Italy.

idk if this is Bae Doo Na or Sun, but i love it anyway.

Kala and Rajan(wtf?)

Rajan looking even more hot. And i'm all here for this Lito/Kala scenes. Lito stepping in for Wolfgang fo sho.

Riley being beautiful.

The amazing trio: Daniella-Lito-The Exorcist.

BTS Lito's bday party.

BTS of the BTS of Lito's new movie and Lana W.

YASSSSS!!! I'm here for more Capheus and Sun. i ship it.

Nomi, Riley and bearded daddy Will.

A scene with Nomi, Sun, Lito and Riley. YASSS!

My precious king Miguel Angel Silvestre

- Bae Doo Na said that from day one the deal was to shoot 1 season in 2 years.
- She didn't know if she'll be able to kick ass during season 5 when she's 45 and pregnant.
- Arranged for her character to be killed off once the actress gets pregnant.

Mmmm..... really tho??.

Source: Sense8's official tumblr and twitter.

ONTD, Only 173 days, 01 hour and 33 minutes left til Sense8. i can wait... i'm not obsessed... i can wait...
Tags: asian celebrities, netflix, sense8 (netflix)

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