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Night One of Nationals (Women's Gymnastics) Live Viewing Post!

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Because what else do you have going on tonight if you're on ONTD?

It's the official start of the Road to Rio and the beginning of the end of Martha Karolyi's reign of USA Women's Gymnastics. Who is going to take her place? The prevalent theory is that Rhonda Faehn, a former Karolyi kid and former coach of University of Florida gymnastics, will take over in 2017. Nothing official yet, so it's boring.

Who's relevant? Who's out?

Simone Biles
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I mean, DUH. Girlie is the only woman to be a 3-time consecutive World AA champion and she obliterates the competition to the point that second place is closer to last place than to first place, point-wise. Jesus be some bubble wrap to protect this gift to gymnastics. Y'all ain't even ready for her to light up Rio.

Aly Raisman:
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Add another to the "No Shit" files. She's the reigning Olympic FX champion and one of two of 2012's Fierce Five to be still competing. Hate on her gymnastics all you want, but she's what will prevent MyKayla Skinner from getting on the Olympic team.

Gabby Douglas:
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She's the reigning Olympic AA champion and won AA silver at last year's Worlds. She'll be in Rio. Also has a reality show on Oxygen.

Laurie Hernandez
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She's so charismatic performing on floor and she has fantastic UB skills. Positively Memmel-esque when it comes to her injury track record, so she needs to be wrapped in some bubble wrap herself. If she makes it to Rio, she'll be the first American Latina to be an Olympic gold medalist (because you know the USA is going to win team finals). Also stands a chance of snatching Douglas' wig and taking the second AA spot.

Out of the Running:

Bailie Key
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Coached by Kim Zmeskal. She was left off last year's World's team so Brenna Dowell could have another opportunity to melt down. That coupled with a lingering back injury has led her to pull out of Nationals and thus end her chances of making the Olympics. Kim Zmeskal trying to mold Key into being Zmeskal Jr. did not help anything at all.

Riding That Bubble:

Ashton Locklear
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If she makes the Olympic team, it'll be solely for her bars. They're event final-worthy, she's gorgeous on them, and if she makes it, she'll be the first Native American Olympic champion (member of the Lumbee Tribe).

It's on at 9PM on NBC. Prior to that at 8pm is a short documentary of the Karolyi Ranch, where the USA WAG magic happens, narrated by Kristen Bell (random).

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