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SWIDDLES!!! The Astrology Post.

It’s the pairing that took the world by storm!! The world’s biggest popstar and her geriatric Night Manager popped up together dancing at the Met Gala, kissing on the beach, and jamming at BFF Selena’s concert…. So once again, we get to see if the stars think THIS ONE could be Taylor’s match?

Taylor Swift
  • Sun: Sagittarius

  • Moon: Cancer

  • Mercury: Capricorn

  • Venus: Aquarius

  • Mars: Scorpio

  • Jupiter: Cancer

  • Saturn: Capricorn

  • Uranus: Capricorn

  • Neptune: Capricorn

  • Pluto: Scorpio

  • Tom Hiddleston
  • Sun: Aquarius

  • Moon: Aries

  • Mercury: Pisces (R)

  • Venus: Aquarius

  • Mars: Pisces

  • Jupiter: Libra

  • Saturn: Libra

  • Uranus: Scorpio

  • Neptune: Sagittarius

  • Pluto: Libra

  • Let’s start with their joint Venus in Aquarius! His is in the 6th degree of Aquarius and hers is in the first, putting them within the 5 degree range that qualifies as a strong conjunction. However, this isn’t a strong position for love planet Venus since Aquarius is far from being comfortable with intimacy, expressing feelings, or being romantic in the traditional sense. What Venus in Aquarius does revel in is having fun, being unpredictable, and connecting through social groups and experiences. So all those random outings with friends? They’re not likely to stop. Venus is in charge of how we choose our lovers and friends, how we treat them, and what we do with them. Aquarius is the sign of friendship, and they’ll both feel that the strongest foundation for a relationship is a strong friendship. I’d say this is their strongest chart position because they’re going to see eye to eye on their social lives and activities and will have a sort of mutual withholding of feelings that are too real for Venus in Aquarius to deal with. However, there will be plenty of awkward dancing together to entertain us.

    Sex planet Mars is also well placed, both of them have Mars in a water sign; Hiddles in Pisces and Tay’s in Scorpio. We make jokes about boring sex, but from what these Mars placements are telling me, it’s actually pretty good! A nice mix of kinky with a hearty dose of tenderness, it can really go either way for these two! We know that Scorpio is seen as the freak in the sheets, but with Pisces, who loves to escape into the dark and taboo, it can be the kind of sex that starts with a fight, transforms into a soap opera love making scene, and ends like that porno you’re ashamed to have watched! However, Mars is also the planet of aggression and how we defend ourselves, and in water signs, it majorly cools off and most conflict is met with passive-aggressive games, so those will be fun to watch unfold. Taylor will win because Mars in Scorpio is a stronger energy, by far, than Mars in Pisces, as Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio (before Pluto’s discovery) and harnessing the Scorpion power for one’s own ambitions is it’s wheelhouse-- Tom might get blindsided it if his Mars in Pisces starts letting it’s intuition slip.

    There are some glaring issues here though. A Lunar Cancer and a Lunar Aries? Taylor’s Moon in Cancer tends to react with paranoia, defensiveness, and gets guarded while figuring things out; Hiddles Moon in Aries is spontaneous, self-centric, and comes with a temper if provoked. If he wants to do something, he does it! Taylor’s sun in Sag appreciates this and her Venus in Aquarius enjoys unpredictability, but it’ll probably be a fight when he wants to go spontaneously doing something and she has to spend two hours assembling her security detail, and her natural fear for her security will start to rub him the wrong way. Both moon’s are reactionary, but on different levels. Taylor pulls more towards the sorrowful and guarded while Hiddles pulls more towards the joyous and incited. Even a fun life, a strong friendship, and decent sex won’t save them from the fact that the have two totally different sets of instincts and security needs.

    Also, Hiddles retrograde Mercury in Pisces will make Taylor completely crazy! Her Mercury in Capricorn wants straightforward communication and for every communication to serve a purpose. Mercury is also about how we interpret information to ourselves and Taylor’s is much more goal focused; how can this help her achieve her goals? Hiddles in Retro & Pisces is going to be a problem for her. He is taking in information on the empathic and emotional level, with no real purpose on the material spectrum, and will be much more wishy-washy with not only his communication, but the way he perceives and processes information. And in retrograde, it becomes even harder for their message to get on the same page because retrograde Mercury is relaying information to him from an evolutionary cycle, not a growth cycle. She’s going to be talking about how much money YouTube owes her and he’s gonna quote Shakespeare and it will just devolve into a mess of “why the fuck are you responding this way?” For Taylor, there is a time to be stern and serious, but for Tom, he’s just going with the flow, relying much more on his intuition than a strong business sense.

    And for the PR Relationship Theorists-- there is strong evidence in their synastry that this could be the case! Hiddles Neptune conjuncts Taylor’s sun in Sagittarius. Neptune is often associated with delusions and sub-conscious deception, and is the planet that carries our hopes and dreams. Therefore, whenever one person’s Neptune is at play with one of their lover’s personal planets, Neptune is usually seen as being deceptive towards it, and since it’s conjunct Taylor’s sun, which is all about putting out an image, it’s easy to see how he could be using her “likeness” for his own hopes and dreams. It may not be a conscious decision however, because Neptune never truly sets out be intentionally deceitful, but because it deludes itself, there is a pattern of going along and promising too much, and then crashing and burning when it can’t deliver making it seem as though the promises were fraudulent. Alternately though, because Neptune is the planet of spirituality, mysticism and the silent emotional struggles we all face, Taylor’s Sun will feel very psychically linked to him and he can help bring her to a level of intuitive awareness.

    Overall, a good match, but I don’t think this is “the one.” Even though they have a good balance of air, water, and fire signs between the two of them, Hiddles lack of Earth sign influence can be a problem for Taylor. They’ll have a lot of fun together, and she will really appreciate that he is more adventurous and always down to hang out; communication problems will start to deteriorate the relationship and Tom will only go along with her calculated image for so long. He’s very likely to not think about things very hard before he says them which can lead to a lot of candid and honest things coming out that maybe Taylor has never had said to her before. While Hiddles Moon in Aries first reactions are always about how something is affecting him, his sun in Aquarius and Mercury in Pisces makes it much easier for him to understand things societally and respond with empathy for others; while Taylor will always carry more of an entitled perspective as a Sag with a Cappy Mercury- her Cancer moon helps her empathy, but only towards those she is closest with. Once the fun adventures and erotic sex wear off, they’ll realize that all Venus in Aquarius had to offer was friendship.

    What do you think ONTD? Can Swiddles overcome their astrological differences to become the OTT, super duper extra Power Couple we deserve?

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