News on Dylan O'Brien and the accident.

Although Dylan himself has been quiet and out of the public eye, his sister replied to fans on her Instagram about his condition:

"For those asking about Dylan, he is not back at work. He is very hurt and still in need of rest & healing."

WorkSafeBC made an inspection in May and released the report last week about the accident. A few snippets of what was said:

  • The employer has failed to ensure the health and safety of all workers present at the workplace.

  • During the filming of a planned and rehearsed action sequence a change was made. The transition from the trailing vehicle to the leading vehicle was changed to be done in one sequence instead of two. There was no meeting held to review the changes with all involved.

  • The change increased the risk of injury as the transition was now between two vehicles that were not connected. The sequence now relied upon driver coordination and performance to keep vehicles close enough during the transition as the worker making the transition would end up rigged to the trailing vehicle but physically riding the back of the leading vehicle.

  • This resulted in serious injury to the worker.

But a (heavily redacted) report by EIIR says:

  • The scene had been thoroughly rehearsed and successfully completed approximately five times prior to the accident.

  • A safety meeting was held on site prior to filming in which the length of the safety lanyard was discussed and demonstrated. Safety bulletins were issued to cast and crew.

  • As the moving set piece and trailing vehicle were slowing down at the conclusion of the shoot, the trailing vehicle slowed prematurely.

In this report, there are two 'determination of causes of incident'. The first is that the trailing vehicle slowed prematurely, the second is redacted.

Details about Dylan's identity and injuries were redacted from both reports.

Chris Petrikin, 20th Century Fox’s executive vice-president and chief communications, commented on the WorkSafeBC report:

“While we don’t agree with all of the findings of the inspection report, we deeply regret that this terrible accident occurred and the serious injuries it caused to Dylan O’Brien. We have been working with WorkSafeBC to try and correct some inaccuracies in the inspection report and appreciate WorkSafe’s willingness to discuss our concerns. Our primary concern now is Dylan’s full recovery from this accident.”

He declined to answer questions about Dylan's injuries.

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Also rumors that he was cast as Mitch Rapp in the American Assassin movie. It's on IMDB but nothing official has been released.