Should-Be Emmy Nominee Constance Wu Interview

-Great interview, worth the full read.

-Interviewer brings up her earlier blackface comments, Constance clarifies that she wasn't trying to compare struggles, was just using blackface as an example term because a lot of the general public doesn't know what the term yellowface even means.

-Thinks there should be Asian-American superheros, doesn't want to be one herself.

-Addresses her real age/ageism. (She's 34)

-Regarding other Asian actors: How in the past she wanted to be the exception to the rule regarding Asian-American actors, and would be more competitive with other Asian-American actors as opposed to just other actors. Has changed her mind-set now, in that if she were to not get a role, would want the role to go to another Asian person, and generally wants for there to be more famous Asian-American actors.