A Paparazzi Exposes the Art of Staged Celeb Pics

In light of the Hiddleswift pics by the rocks, Cosmo talked to Stupid Famous People creator/pap Justin Steffman to shed some light on what goes behind the scenes when paps seemingly score candid pics of celebrities:

On Taylor Swift: Taylor's a celebrity that won't walk outside without perfect makeup & great fashion. She smiles at every pap to make sure they'll get beautiful pictures. Taylor, not only accepts that paps are a part of the business, but she goes out of her way to use us as a tool for publicity.

On Taylor & Tom Hiddleston: First instinct is that the pics are definitely staged but the pap who took the images is one of the best when it comes to capturing sneaky pictures. As it is a huge news story, you always have to wonder, don't you?

On Taylor & Jake Gyllenhaal: Most paps have heard rumors that the first shots of Taylor & Jake looking cozy together on a sidewalk in Brooklyn were staged. They were shot with a long lens from a great distance, but many believe that the tip came from inside Taylor's own camp.

On Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds: The couple hate paps but they release staged pics on a regular basis. In real life, they put their heads down and hide their faces when they see paps— unless they are promoting something.

On Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin: They worked directly with a pap when Apple was born.  They staged candid pics and sold the pics to a major magazine for a rumored million dollars.

On Kim Kardashian: She's the biggest example of a celebrity who releases fake pap photos. Kim has a personal pap and she reviews every image released. If they shoot on a beach, these images are heavily Photoshopped and she chooses her favorites to sell.

On Amanda Bynes: Amanda asked me to meet her at IHOP & the first staged shots with her happened on the sidewalk outside. She deleted all of the pictures she disliked. Few days later, she was having a party and wanted to do another staged shoot. Those images ended up on the cover of a tabloid but it backfired when they ran them alongside a very negative (although honest) story about her unhealthy lifestyle.

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