Pop Superstar Mike Posner Opens Up About His Struggles Depression

Mike Posner gave a new interview promoting his album and upcoming Future Now tour with Demi and Nick Jonas. He spoke about fame, music, and the meaning of life.
- He produced for Big Sean while he was still in college, the two are bffs before fame
- He's suffered from depression for a long time and was medicated for it, but it got worse after he dropped from the charts the first time around
- He requested his label drop him after they told him he should just write for Bieber and other artists, and they did
- I Took A Pill In Ibiza is a song about "the disillusionment that accompanies some of the hollow goals that we strive for in this country and Western civilization as a whole —such as prestige, notoriety, money, admiration of the opposite sex.”.
- He was unhappy even when he was super famous & rich, money cant buy u happiness~, he said he was alone then too
- He ends the interview saying he hasn't eaten anything in 48 hrs and “Who believes in G-d after they have seen war? And who believes in war after they’ve seen G-d? Alright, gotta go!”"....then he hangs up.

Are you happy with your material posessions, ONTD?