Parade.Com’s Year-End Pop Culture Poll

Everyone wants a new wardrobe in 2007—so whose closet does America want to raid? Jennifer Aniston (41%) and George Clooney (49%) were the clear-cut winners! Rounding out the category for well-dressed ladies: Eva Longoria (19%), Beyonce (17%) and Paris Hilton (9%). And the dapper gentlemen: P. Diddy (14%), Brad Pitt (13%) and Justin Timberlake (9%).

Who has the hottest bod in Hollywood? Among the men, Matthew McConaughey (48%) won by a landslide! Other hot-bodied men include Brad Pitt (16%), George Clooney (13%) and Usher (11%). Jessica Alba (24%) came in first for hot-bodied women, with Jennifer Aniston (23%) and Beyonce (21%) following close behind.

Denim is timeless and trendsetting. Every year designers miraculously discover a new way to wear America’s fave fabric. So, which celeb has the best denim look? Seems that Jennifer Aniston’s classic bootcut blue jeans are everyone’s fave, with 48% of the vote. Giddy up! Matthew McConaughey’s tight jeans and cowboy boots came in second (20%). Next in line are Brad Pitt’s crisp, tailored jeans (15%) and Jessica Simpson’s Daisy Duke jean shorts (9%). Jay Z’s baggy denim pants and Nicole Richie’s skinny leg jeans weren’t so popular, with only 3% of the vote.

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