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TIME: Why have Taylor Swift & Nicki Minaj remained silent?

- With stars like Katy Perry, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears showing support, it’s a bit striking to see silence from certain celebrities. It's ungracious to keep score but impossible to ignore when these stars are so vocal about so many other issues.
- Both Swift and Minaj were outspoken about demographic issues around the nominations for last year’s VMAs—a political cause that was easy to take, given that it directly benefited both figures’ careers.
- A tweet bemoaning the state of the world and sending support to fans would be nice, but much more than that places a star precariously between two unenviable positions, self-aggrandizement and offense.
- Musicians, bearing the special connection they do with fans and in particular the sort of fans who might frequent gay clubs, can do something. Surely someone has felt less alone thanks to their idol expressing concern in the wake of Orlando’s mass shooting—what more can one ask?
- It's reasonable for LGBTQ fans to be a bit spurious the next time Swift breaks her silence on what she considers meaningful issues—for instance, awards-show hosts joking about her. Fans might find it more appealing to engage with stars who seem engaged with the world.

Is it too early for TIME to judge? Or do you think a sign of support is the least the artists could do?
Tags: beyoncé, britney spears, celebrity social media, jonas brothers, katy perry, lady gaga, lgbtq / rights, music / musician, nicki minaj, taylor swift

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