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ONTD Original: 2004, A year of one hit wonders

2001: The Year of one hit wonders
2003: A Year of one hit wonders

With the horrible things that have been happening this weekend, it's time to lighten things up and bring back the nostalgia! Just 12 years ago, artists like Nina Sky, Hoobastank, and Kevin Lyttle were topping the charts. Many of the artists who created their major 2004 hits were never able to replicate the success. However, it's always fun to revist the past and remember what we were doing when we were listening to these songs back in the day. Let's take a look at some of the best one hit wonders of 2004!

Bowling For Soup - 1985

This was the era of frat-rock - the blend of a pop punk sound with cringy hooks that combine humor and a college douche attitude. This homely looking group manage to snatch a top 40 hit with this song, peaking at no. 23 and selling more than a million downloads. The group continued to try and recreate the success of this single but nothing stuck.

Eamon - Fuck It (IDWYB)

I have no clue why this song was big, but it was. Of course a song featuring a man with a whiny voice, calling his ex a hoe and telling her to fuck off peaked at no. 16 on Billboard. Eamon had the potential to be very successful but his career began and ended with this massive hit.

Frankee - F.U.R.B (Fuck You Right Back)

Sneakily, Frankee pretended that Eamon's hit 'Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back)' was about her. She responded with this equally charming tune. The song went #1 in the U.K. knocking Eamon’s version from the #1 spot. Her song failed to make the same impact in the U.S., peaking at no. 63 on the Billboard Hot 100. Frankee was never to be seen or heard from again, guess she shouldn't have tried to piggyback off someone's hit.

Los Lonely Boys - Heaven

"Heaven's" lyrics are actually really sad.. but the song sounds is so peppy and carefree. That's part of what makes this song so interesting. This was one of THE songs of the summer that year. It was released in 2003 but peaked at no. 16 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the summer of 2004.

Nina Sky - Move Ya Body

This song still goes today tbh. Many might not consider Nina Sky a one hit wonder, but let's be real - they've never seen this success again. This bop peaked at no. 4 on the Billboard hot 100.

Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue

If there’s one band that sums up 2003-04 pop-punk in a nutshell, it almost has to be Yellowcard. The band has actually put out nine albums over the last 18 years, but the only time they’ve been culturally relevant in the mainstream was with their 2003/2004 smash hit. They might not have lasted the test of time, but don’t pretend like you didn’t love this song. The song peaked a no. 37 in the summer of 2004.

Hoobastank - The Reason

This could be one of the most overplayed songs of it's time. The first 1,000 times i heard this song on the radio, i was ok with it…but that next 100 million times made me want to never know the reason to anything… but, this is one of the quintessential one-hit wonders of the 00's. The song peaked at no. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Mis-Teeq - Scandalous

‘Scandalous’ was the U.S. debut single for the British girl group. It peaked at No. 35 in 2004 and was chosen as the theme for Halle Berry’s ‘Catwoman’. It was their only song to chart in the U.S. and the group broke up in 2005. Oop.

Rupee - Tempted To Touch

Yaaaaaaas, this remains my shit til' this day. The song only peaked at no. 39 on Billboard but it's still one of the only soca/reggaeton songs white people know and listen to at parties.

Kevin Lyttle - Turn me On

This is a soca/dancehall SMASH. ‘Turn Me On’ was a worldwide hit, and its follow-up single saw moderate success. However, despite several effortS, he has failed to chart another song. This song peaked at no. 4 on the billboard hot 100.

What were you doing in 2004, ONTD?
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