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Best Solo Efforts by Ex-Boybanders

Many boyband members fade into obscurity after their glory days are over (only to reappear to shill hair care for men products.) Some may have a couple of hits and then burn out. Very few go on to have fruitful and long lasting solo careers. Below is my list of the best solo efforts put forth by ex-boyband members. I utilized my memory of their impact on pop culture at the time, the ability to chart on the US Billboard Hot 100, and just how good the song was.

Justin Timberlake – “Cry me a River” (2002)

After *N Sync went on a permanent hiatus in 2002, Justin Timberlake released his first solo album Justified. Arguably one of his best solo songs to date, “Cry me a River” supposedly details the demise of his and Britney Spears relationship. JT being the petty betty that he is, even went as far as casting a Britney Look-alike in the video…as well as including a figurine of her well known back tattoo. The song reached a peak of #3 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in February 2003. JT continued to enjoy success as solo artist with FS/LS & The 20/20 Experience as well as being a guest host on SNL.

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and none for BSB or Zayn.
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