OITNB’s Lea DeLaria thinks that ‘LGBTQ’ should be replaced with ‘queer’

A couple of weeks ago, Lea DeLaria talked to PrideSource about a lot of stuff.


* Thinks that ‘LGBTQ’ alphabet soup is too divisive in stressing differences, and that it should be replaced with ‘queer’ because the latter is more inclusive and “queer is everybody.”

* Talks about her breakthrough moment when she appeared on the Arsenio Hall Show. The network’s lawyers clutched their pearls and didn’t want to air her routine because she used the words “queer,” “fag,” and “dyke” 47 times. (the evil homosexual agenda at work tbh.) Arsenio fought on Lea’s behalf: "She's a dyke. If she wants to call herself a dyke then it's none of your fucking business."

* Discusses dropping out of the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival for their TERF stance (the not-so-dearly departed manita_bestija was probably the organizer tbh) and notes that when “brats” like her and Larry Kramer are the voices of reason, you know things are fucked up.

* Says season 4 of OITNB will be darker than previous seasons. (Going by the trailer, no shit. #SaveMaritza)

* Can no longer eat peanut butter.


ONTD, do you believe that ‘queer’ should be used as a catch-all and that lgbtq people who don’t like the word [because it is still used as a slur in certain regions and many people have hurtful associations with it as such] should just suck it up?