Update on Jeremy Jordan’s campaign to save his 17yo cousin from pray-the-gay-away facility in Texas

Jeremy & Sarah at his 2012 wedding to Ashley Spencer

* previously, we heard about how Supergirl’s Jeremy Jordan was trying to save his cousin Sarah after she was sent to Heartlight Ministries, a Christian residential boarding facility for “troubled teens,” in order to pray away the gay after she took a girl to her high school prom.

* Jeremy confirms that she’s been released!

* Heartlight Ministries has issued a statement denying that they practice "treatment" for sexual identity issues. Semantics, lbr.

* To give you an idea of how full of shit these people are, they also claim that they do not push/force church attendance or religion, but in every other breath on their site talk about how their counseling program is modeled on “Biblical truth.” No religion, my ass. You can also read their blog posts about homosexuality here.

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Let’s hope that after Heartlight booted Sarah because they couldn’t hack the sudden wave of bad publicity, her parents didn’t just ship her off to some other Christian home for ~troubled teens.

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