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Wentworth - 4x06 Promo "Divide and Conquer"

(Again sorry for the quality but thanks to the gem whoever uploads these promos in the first place.)

Sources: 1 and 2

[Wentworth - 4x06 Episode Description: (*Warning spoiler-y*):]Synopsis: Bea is released from the slot and is immediately confronted by Lucy if Bea doesn't punish Tasha for her break in prison riles. Lucy and her crew will be forced to. Doreen shocks everyone by turning her back on Bea and Liz is assigned to look after a new inmate.

And yes, I totally adore these two...

For anyone who isn't watching give it a go. So... what did everyone think of 4x05? The Kaz storyline was so sad. :( Maxine was amazing and Bea/Allie were just adorable, nice to add a little light to a pretty dark show. And Doreen... what are you thinking? Unless there is more to it...
Tags: australian celebrities, television
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