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ONTD Original: That time your fave artist snatched a hit from another

Today’s pop music landscape may have looked very, very different had a handful of singers accepted the tracks that were originally written for them. For whatever reason, artists pass up demos all the time and sometimes the demos later go onto someone who turns it into a smash. This occurrence is not at all uncommon in the music world: the past half-century is littered with examples of iconic pop songs that were originally intended for someone else to perform. Obviously, iconic pop songs could easily have become duds had every artist accepted every song offered to them, but it’s fun to see who passed on now-famous songs. Check out these 10 instances of smash songs being snatched from other artists.

Snatched by: Rihanna

In a hits-packed career, "S.O.S." still stands out for Rihanna: the infectious dance track spent three weeks atop the Hot 100, notching the queen of snatching her first number one single.

Turned down by: Christina Milian

Christina Milian, who infamously passed up the chance to record the track, certainly could have used the smash single -- her last mainstream hit was "Dip It Low" in 2004, and she hasn't released an album since 2006, the same year that "S.O.S." reigned on the radio.

"We Found Love"
Snatched by: Rihanna

We Found Love, thanks to its irresistible beat, super catchy lyrics and a brilliant video, gave Rihanna a million-seller and a massive Number 1. But it could all have been so different…

Turned down by: Nicole Scherzinger

The former Pussycat Doll said that she had the chance to record "We Found Love." "I passed on 'We Found Love,'" she said. "I've got the demo of that song and I was busy at the time." It was the hit that got away for this has-been.

Snatched by: Rihanna

Umbrella earned Rihanna both a Grammy and a number one hit. It's impossible to think how a lack of "Umbrella" would have changed Rihanna's career.

Turned down by: Britney Spears

Back in 2007, a full-fledged Britney Spears comeback was far from assured, after a series of personal meltdowns prevented the pop superstar from once again reaching greatness. Legend has it that "Umbrella" writer/co-producer The-Dream offered the song to Brit as a way to engineer a return to the throne, but that her management nixed the track, which eventually went to Rihanna and became a No. 1 record. Spears was finished recording her album, so label execs turned down "Umbrella," sending it over to Mary J. Blige. Blige turned it away & it ended up in Rih's hands.

Snatched by: Lady Gaga / Beyonce

After being rejected, Gaga, who penned this track, saved it for a later inclusion on her "Fame Monster" release.

Turned down by: Britney Spears

Gaga originally wrote "Telephone" to be included on Spears' 2010 "Circus" album, but the pop star rejected it. To be fair, this is one of the few songs on this list that probably would have been just as good if it was recorded by the artist it was intended for.

Snatched by: Britney Spears

Britney's 2004 smash won the pop star her first Grammy and has sold 1.9 million downloads since its release

Turned down by: Kylie Minogue

Britney's 2004 hit was meant to serve as a follow-up to Kylie's banger "Can't Get You Out of My Head" but the pop star rejected it. "I listened to a snippet of it in the record company offices and decided against it," she said. "It's like the fish that got away. You just have to accept it."

Snatched by: Pharell

"Happy" gave Pharrell his third million seller in just 12 months and was the first track in 57 years to hit Number 1 three times over.

Turned down by: CeeLo Green

All these chart records could very well have belonged to someone else, as when Pharrell penned the tune, he had Gnarls Barkley singer CeeLo Green in mind. Green recorded the track, but decided to concentrate on his own album rather than release Happy. When Pharrell co-wrote the score to Despicable Me 2, the film company insisted that Pharrell himself record the tune, and the rest is record-breaking chart history.

"How Will I Know"
Snatched by: Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston's No. 1 hit on the Hot 100 stands as one of the artist's most iconic tracks -- but it could have sounded a lot different with another artist at the helm.

Turned down by: Janet Jackson

The songwriters of this song reportedly approached Janet's management team with a demo, but a swift decline forced them to look elsewhere. Thanks in large part to Clive Davis, Houston was given the track and turned it into a behemoth.

"Don't Cha"
Snatched by: Pussycat Dolls

This was the hit lead single from PCD's sophomore album, but the song was almost on another mega popstar's album..

Turned down by: Paris Hilton

Hilton's 2006 debut LP "Paris" never scored a hit on the level of "Don't Cha," and could have used the track as an introduction to her short-lived sonic style. Now, I can't unhear Paris whispering this song in her baby voice.

"Miss Independent"
Snatched by: Kelly Clarkson

Miss Independent was Kelly’s breakthrough hit in the UK back in 2003, but the tune was originally earmarked for another pop star, under the title Miss Independence.

Turned down by: Christina Aguilera

The lead single from Kelly Clarkson’s debut album was initially intended for Christina’s fourth album, Stripped, but was later given to Kelly. Even though Miss Independent sounds tailor-made for Xtina's Stripped, the power-lunged diva passed on the track, so it was Kelly’s in the end!

Snatched by: Beyonce

Beyonce's "to the left" R&B hit was written by Ne-Yo and Norwegian producing duo Stargate, but it wasn't written with the queen of theft in mind.

Turned down by: Shania Twain

Ne-Yo revealed in interviews that he had Faith Hill and Shania Twain in mind when he wrote "Irreplaceable" as a country song, and Hermansen still thinks the tune could easily have been a country radio hit. Once Bey heard it, however, she loved it and said she thought she could put her own spin on it.

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