ONTD Exclusive: Ilana Glazer outs creepster pretending to be Broad City writer

sooo I was at a bar on the Lower East Side last night that does a weekly comedy show and Ilana Glazer dropped in to work on material for her set (which I'm not going to post duh) but at the top she made this announcement about some creepy guy who is pretending to be a writer on Broad City to get girls. That's obviously messed up, but her bit about it was entertaining so here it is.

-Guy named Zach Jobin pretends to be writer on Broad City
-Shows girls a picture he took with Abbi and Ilana a couple years ago to prove he works there
-"No men work on Broad City. Don't fuck a dude cause you think he works on Broad City."

Have you gone out with someone pretending to be something they're not?