More baseball fuckery! Baltimore Orioles' Manny Machado & KC Royals Yordano Ventura get into scuffle

Kansas City Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura was pitching inside all night to Baltimore Orioles shortstop Manny Machado. In the bottom of the 5th, Yordano got Machado in the ribs with a 99mph fastball, prompting the Orioles star to charge the mound and wop the pitcher in the face. The fight was quickly broken up and both players were ejected.

This is not Ventura's first time throwing hands in the diamond. Last year, he served a 7 game suspension for initiating a bench-clearing brawl between his team and the Chicago White Sox.

This is also the second MLB fight in the last month! Back in May, Toronto Blue Jay's Jose Bautista was decked in the face by Texas Ranger second baseman Rougned Odor after a dirty slide.

source + me & my general knowledge of baseball!

I am living for all this aggression. MOREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!