I Need a Rename Token (biebusfan) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
I Need a Rename Token

Popular Youtuber Trisha Paytas Is "Culturally Black"...

Dont click the video just check the summary honestly.

- wrote a song about her love for black men and its called Jungle Fever and people got offended naturally
- she has black friends and they found it funny~ so its obviously okay
- "It's a song y'all...not to be taken seriously~"
- went out with some black guy to dinner and someone looked her up and down and then told him that he needs to get himself a good black woman~ and Trisha was SHOCKED.
- if it's a black woman with a white guy no one says anything but trisha gets criticized.
- compares being called snowbunny to her saying jungle fever
- every relationship with black guys she had didnt last cause of race and they never got past it~
- she feels she was born in the wrong race.. "culturally I'm a black person".
- someone asked her ex bf who is black hy he was attracted to this white bitch (her) &  he said "she's got a fat ass and big titties" which according to Trish is the usual white girl black guy relationship~

Tags: internet celebrities, race / racism

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