Surprise! Lady Gaga may be getting a Las Vegas residency too

On the heels of rumors surfacing that Justin Timberlake was in talks for a lucrative Las Vegas residency comes word (surely to the delight of her most ardent fans) that Mother Monster might be getting a Vegas deal of her own!

- Fans were recently hit with the news that Lady Gaga was releasing another jazz album with Tony Bennett this fall & these new rumors might play a part

- Reportedly Las Vegas insiders are saying that she is in talks to sign on for a string of dates at the newly renovated 5000k Park Theater at the Monte Carlo that's set to open at the end of the year

- It is of note that Lady Gaga did a tour as well as a string of shows with Tony in Vegas & a residency would surely fit up 90 year old Tony's alley.


are you excited for Lady Gaga in Vegas, ontd?