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Fefe Dobson and rapper Yelawolf Break Up + She Trashes His House?

In a telling Instagram post recently, rapper Yelawolf shared his upcoming projects as well as that he split from fiance (engaged in 2013) Canadian singer Fefe Dobson.

The caption reads:

Yesterday from 7 AM to 10 PM ... I literally launched a soon to come secret line for SLUMERICAN with my distributer , left there for a 4 hour meeting and signed a 5 year lease on our SLUMERICAN Flagship store in Nashville , went home and found my house torn apart and in pieces ... FeFe and I are no longer unfortunately and she flew the coop , after seeing that shit I went for a dinner meeting and signed up for a movie role and music score with the legend TBone ..... I'm gonna go fucking puke in my porta john on my new property !! ... Before I catch this flight back to Florida to knock out another sneaky project with @iamjimjonsin ....@bonesowens @newpaloop I'll see y'all soon ... Congrats y'all ... We worked hard..."

The rapper has kids from a previous relationship not with her. He however does have her name tattooed on his face. Romantic.


How did your last relationship end, ONTD?
Tags: breakup, canadian celebrities, music / musician (rap and hip-hop)
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