Linford Martin from Channel 4's First Dates: "Promiscuous gay guys give our community a bad name"

Linford Martin appeared on Channel 4's "First Dates" where he went on a blind date. Although Linford didn't hit it off with his date, he ended up finding the man of his dreams after his appearance on the show. Linford finds it troubling how the majority of the gay community ignores monogamy, using apps like Grindr and Tinder, which he says encourage men to stray and have helped to kill the art of chivalry. He says that although him and his boyfriend are public with their relationship on social media, guys will still message both of them wanting to hook up, totally disregarding the fact that they are monogamous. He finds it unfair that even after the gay community has made so many strides forward in terms of social acceptance, people still view gay men as being wildly promiscuous, since him and his boyfriend are not like that.


Do you think that promiscuous gay men are giving the gay community a bad name?