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Gay icons and queens of Canada TEGAN AND SARA’s new album "Love You to Death" is out now!

- Tegan talks about how for an artist of their size, puling out of a place like North Carolina would just be punishing a very small disproportionally queer part of the population. Want to inspire fans in these nagl places instead!
- How being a gay artists makes them inherently political, how activism has been a part of their lives from a young age
- Was inspired by her fab feminist mom who got her masters while they were teenagers and worked as a social worker while flipping real estate, inspired them to be ambitious women
- Compares Justin Trudeau to the Kennedys, talks about the media obsession with him
- Thinks Trudeau's popularity probably in part cause we're still recovering from a decade of Harper! Seems to be a fan.
- A great interview at the source!

Source: 1 2

What’s your fave song ONTD? I thought these queens deserved some promo!
Tags: canadian celebrities, lgbtq / rights, new music post, tegan and sara

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