Zach Levi: "If Chivalry Is Dead, [Women] Killed It."

In a new Maxim interview, actor Zach Levi spoke about his life, dating and more...and he had some interesting things to say.


First Date Tips:
Just don’t be a dick. Dating is so fucking dumb man, it’s so weird. It’s so fascinating, girls say chivalry is dead. And it’s like if it’s dead, you fucking killed it. Because it used to be a guy could be a guy and a girl wouldn’t be offended if he got the door or something, and now it’s like “I can get the door for myself, I’m a strong woman,” and then it’s like “Fuck! I don’t know anymore." First, know the type of girl you’re going on a date with, and if she’s into chivalry, that's great, and if she’s not, then she’s not.

Do you like chivalry, ONTD?