‘I never wanted to be gay’: Christian musician comes out in letter to fans

- Trey Pearson is the lead singer of Christian rock band Everyday Sunday
- On Tuesday he released a letter to his fans where he came out as gay
- Admitted that he didn't want to be gay for a long time as he was scared of what God and the people he loved would think of him. He is currently married to woman.
- Says that since accepting who he is he has felt as if a weight he has been carrying his whole life has been lifted
- Says he hopes that coming out won't affect his career but knows some churchs and festivals won't ask him to come back. He has however lined up his first gig at a pride festival (the article however points out that several other Christian artists who have come out as gay such as Ray Boltz, Anthony Williams, Jennifer Knapp, Vicky Beeching have seldom been played on Christian radio stations since)
- After the letter said his family only responded with love. "My dad just showed up at my door and hugged me for a long time, which I really needed,” he said."

Source (includes full letter)

good for him! i was forced out of my church due to supporting the lgbt community and questioning my own sexuality so i know how hard it can be. hopefully he gets a lot of love and support from his family and fans.