Plans of One Direction as Solo Artists Revealed

Month six into the break-up hiatus, Simon Cowell One Direction's mouthpiece Dan Wooton shared what Harry, Niall, Louis, and Liam are planning for their solo careers:

NIALL:  Will release solo music first and is already in the studio writing. About to sign a deal with Syco and Modest, same team as 1D.  Syco and Modest believe that Niall will become a breakout solo star because he has the talent, looks, and personality that made him popular across the pond. Expect a hit single to be released early next year.
LOUIS: Wants to be a music mogul, TV producer, and host. Quit Modest and recently signed up with an agency that represents popular UK TV stars. Considering both behind-the-scenes and on-camera work. Has his own record label but has no plans to record a solo album.
LIAM: Too busy with new love Cheryl that he has taken an extended break.  Now looking for high-profile management companies and considering opportunities in the States.
HARRY: Currently shooting Dunkirk in France. His manager Jeff Azoff is negotiating a solo deal with Capitol Records.

Dan also couldn't help but take a jab at Zayn zaying that everyone from 1D will become more zuccessful than Zayn bec. his last zingle missed the Top 20.

Larry is now free from Modest! When's the coming out party?